How much does it cost to see a mental health professional?

How much does it cost to see a mental health professional?

Some mental health professionals have no fees because Medicare covers their bills. Others might charge you a ‘gap’ fee, depending on the amount that Medicare covers. If you have Private Health Insurance, your health insurer might also cover some of the costs (definitely check with your health insurer about this as it could be included in your Extras).

If you’re seeing a mental health professional as part of a mental health care plan put together by your GP, they will have to send a report back to your doctor every few sessions. But don’t worry, your information will go nowhere else without your permission.

REMEMBER, your privacy is very important to all mental health professionals.
If you are unsure about the cost or think you might have difficulty paying for more sessions when your Medicare sessions run out, ask your mental health professional or GP if they can recommend any other options for you.

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